08 Aug 2018

C-CEX Swap Progress and Answers to Recent Questions

Good Day from the Arbitrade Team.

Part 1 - This is for those of you that have had your tokens held in C-CEX.

We've had a large number of responses from people taking screenshots of their C-CEX account and submitting the details to us. Upon receiving those details, we sent specific instructions to those people on how to create a voucher in the C-CEX system and get redeemed in their MEW wallets.

We have only heard back from a fraction of these people.

If you haven’t submitted your vouchers, please do so immediately. We are starting the transfers today and don’t want to leave anyone behind.

We've added the option to have the DIG sent directly to a Livecoin.net account.

If you've already sent us the requested information and wish to choose the Livecoin.net option, please send us your Livecoin.net Username.

Part 2 - This is to address questions we've been receiving

1) For those with DIG in off-exchange wallets that were having some difficulty locating the deposit with the new contract number, we've expanded the instructions to make it easier.

The instructions are updated, but the link remains the same:


2) For those who have DIG on Livecoin.net and are uncertain if there is any action required from them at this time. No, there is nothing you need to do at this time. The swap from old DIG to new DIG on Livecoin.net is complete and the wallets will be taken out of Maintenance mode following closure of the swap process.

3) For those asking for information about the GIFT token Airdrop, the company's goal is to have the C-CEX swap completed Thursday, August 9th. Arbitrade will release the Airdrop details for our free GIFT tokens following the closure of the swap.

Our sincere thanks for your patience.


Arbitrade Management

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