06 Aug 2018

DIGNITY – Final Call – C-CEX Members NEED to Respond Within 72 Hours

Good Day from the Arbitrade Team.

C-CEX Old DIG to New DIG Swap

As most of you are aware, Arbitrade has been conducting a massive swap to transfer all older DIG and UNI/UNY coins from the previous developers to the new version of Dignity (DIG).

This includes replacing version 1 of DIG on C-CEX, which has been an issue.

Starting in 72 hours, the C-CEX swap will begin. If you have tokens being held in the C-CEX exchange, we need you to take a screenshot of your holdings and send it via email to Arbitrade’s support desk.

To: support@arbitrade.io

Subject: C-CEX DIG Token Balance

You will then receive detailed instructions on how to receive your new tokens.

If you have already sent in your screenshots from C-CEX, you do not have to do it again.

Please watch for the email and immediately complete the instruction process. The company's goal is to have the swap completed Thursday, August 9th. Upon the closing of the swap, Arbitrade will immediately release the Airdrop details for our free GIFT tokens and release the DIG wallets on Livecoin.

Upon the completion of the Airdrop, Arbitrade will start announcing the additional exchanges that the four bullion-backed coins (DIG, NAM, ORE, HNR) will be released on early next week.

The information regarding all of the tokens will also be released at the same time, and the proper details will be shared with Coin Market Cap and World Coin Index as to circulating supply and specific coin details.

Thank you for your patience.

Old DIG to new DIG and UNY/UNI Swap

The off-exchange old DIG to new DIG and UNY/UNI to new DIG swap has been complete for several days. If you are not able to see the new DIG in your off-exchange wallet, please follow the instructions in the document linked below.



Arbitrade Management

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