21 July 2018

DIGNITY Swap and Airdrop Update

Good Day from the Arbitrade Team.

We wish to apologize for the issues yesterday and the inconvenience of the pause on the Dignity swap. The problem has been found and is being corrected, but the swap will remain paused until Tuesday afternoon or as late as Wednesday morning as we work through the issues incurred.

There was a problem with the Geth Node, and things started to hang at block 59992803 and couldn’t sync properly. The developers haven’t seen this issue before but are very aware of how to correct it and have asked for four days grace period to do so.

We know how frustrating this is everyone involved, but the problem is recognized and is being corrected.

The developers have also requested that everyone holding DIG at CCEX do the following:

  1. Take a screenshot of your CCEX account holdings of DIG;

  2. Copy your CCEX wallet address for DIG;

  3. Send a copy of your Livecoin wallet address for DIG; and

  4. Take all of the above 3 and send them to our support desk at support@cryptobontix.com.

Note: This is very important so please do exactly as requested.

They have a solution for how to get everyone’s tokens off of CCEX and into Livecoin during the swap reopening as well.

We apologize for the headaches endured by token holders in these early stages and that is why we created “GIFT” for all early DIG holders, which will be airdropped immediately after the DIG swap is completed.

Loyalty (GIFT) will have all the mining rigs the company purchased to back this token online within the week, and that is 100% owned by the Loyalty (GIFT) token holders. The mining will be managed by Coinminer on behalf of all GIFT holders and will have no affiliation with Arbitrade after their release. This will eventually create a token with value generated by mining.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience, and the company could have never known these issues would occur without the mass numbers of DIG holders swapping their tokens all at once.


Arbitrade Management

https://arbitrade.io | https://cryptobontix.com