Arbitrade's Future Home Office in Hamilton, Bermuda

Victoria Hall

11 Victoria Street, City of Hamilton HM11

Victoria Street - Main Entrance

Victoria Hall, 11 Victoria Street, is conveniently located in the heart of Hamilton, close to banks, restaurants shops and public parking. The building consists of 7 floors, two below Victoria Street with reasonable natural light from East and North facing windows, a Ground level (3rd Floor) ideal for office or mixed use plus 4 office floors with natural light on three sides. There are two elevators servicing all floors and a “life support” generator. Victoria Hall is an ideal building for mixed use, owner occupation with residential potential and easy public access and amenities close by.


Zoning: City of Hamilton - Commercial Zoning
Lot Area: 0.133 Ha
Year Built: c.1985
Square Footage: 63,619
1st Floor 8,100 sq. ft.
2nd Floor 11,347 sq. ft.
3rd Floor 10,321 sq. ft.
4th Floor 11,424 sq. ft.
5th Floor 10,225 sq. ft.
6th Floor 7,862 sq. ft.
7th Floor 4,340 sq. ft.


Arial View

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11 Victoria Street, City of Hamilton, Bermuda

ALL THAT lot of land situate in the City of Hamilton in the Islands of Bermuda delineated and outlined on the Plan annexed hereto (being Drawing No. LS/3054 prepared by Gauntlett & Jones Chartered Surveyors and dated November 1986) and estimated to contain Nought decimal point one three three of a Hectare (0.133 ha) and bounded NORTHERLY by the strip of land formerly held with and in the possession of The Corporation of Hamilton and measuring in one straight line Thirty-five decimal point five one metres (35.51 m) EASTERLY by land formerly held with and in the possession of The Corporation of Hamilton and measuring Thirty-one decimal point four five metres (31.45 m) and then SOUTH EASTERLY by land formerly held with and in the pos-session of The Corporation of Hamilton and measuring on a curve measuring Six decimal point three nought metres (6.30 m) Nought decimal point one two metres (0.12 m) SOUTHERLY measuring Nine decimal point three three metres (9.33 m) Twelve decimal point nought one me-tres (12.01 m) Five decimal point nine seven metres (5.97 m) SOUTH WESTERLY Nought decimal point eight seven metres (0.87 m) SOUTHERLY Four decimal point four three metres (4.43 m) and then WESTERLY measuring Thirty-seven decimal point three seven metres (37.37 m) OR HOWEVER OTHERWISE land may be bound may measure or ought to be described together with the office building known as “Victoria Hall” 11 Victoria Street, City of Hamilton HM11.

Additional Views

Southeast Corner - Victoria and Washington Streets

Northeast Corner - Park and Washington Streets

A view from the Penthouse looking East

View from the Penthouse to the North from the Eastern Terrace

Penthouse Offices

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